Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Artist Statement

I said id post this last time i was on here to here it is

My work stems from an interest in scientific illustration, the workings of classification and the way their information is portrayed such as taxonomy, typology and topography to name a few.There is an underlying yearning for understanding, but due to having dyslexia, I can only take my research from a shallow and mostly visual level. This feeling is what I want to portray to the viewer. Although creating a seemingly scientific illustration, I have removed all information so the visual language of labelling becomes abstraction, combining to produce a purely aesthetic image.Creating a pseudo scientific collection, I aim to rick the viewer into reading the images in a way to retrieve information, but then to realise that that is impossible and finally take them on an aesthetic level.

Here is some of my recent work aswell to break up the text.

i wanted to bring the idea of collection into the work and i was inspired by Richard Barnes' photographs of taxidermy exhibitions in storage to enclose my drawings in simple boxes.


so i have to put on an exhibition for my course, and me and a friend had requested to put up our work in this little gallery/coffee shop in the northern quater. i heard back from them and they are only interested in my work, as they feel Jennys work wouldnt suit there space.
now im putting on a SOLO SHOW! im shitting myself. iv got a huge feeling no one will come!! the time slot also starts during the easter break so thats not going to help matters. all in all i think my head is going to explode!
heres a link to Grindsmith, the gallery im going to be in