Saturday, 11 April 2009

Steve Kim

not alot of art has happened because of easter with family but now everythings calmed down iv been chilling and browsing the sites (juxtapoz, designyoutrust, fffound). I came across Steve Kim and although i do like his work, it was more his artist statement that i was interested in:

"Although I wish I could say otherwise, my paintings typically begin with an unpretentious, but slightly embarrassing,"Hey, that's neat. That looks fun to paint". If I'm lucky I'll have my camera with me, but more often than not it's something duly noted and set aside.

It is with this attitude that I pick out photos to paint from. I browse the ever-expanding collection of pictures I've taken and when one catches my eye—for whatever reason at all—I go ahead and paint it. I don't particularly revel in my use of photography. I am not mediating between its role in the arts or painting specifically. I use it because it's practical, and alternatives do not exactly abound. Luckily, I like photography and post processing, so I happen to know enough to discern how it might influence my painting for better or worse."

it hit a note with as i feel that thats how i do my work but there doesnt seem to be a place for this in art, atleast this is what my tutors tell me, forcing meaning into my work. this really doesnt help my work, as i get over whelmed and think to much and my work stagnates n becomes to contrived. its nice to see someone being successful who feels similarly to me.

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