Saturday, 20 February 2010

where did that year go?

so its been almost a year since i last posted. im really terrible at this. im mostly blameing my lack of scanner, but i could easily over come that by going to the library, ahh well. iv got some images of drawings i made at the begining of the project im doing at the moment so im going to stick them up.
suprisingly they are mostly birds.... but my work is focusing on scientific illustration and how removing information can change how they are read and maybe be taken on their aestetic merits. i really need to sit down and try and verbalise what im doing, but i find that thats the hardest part of making work. iv also tried to experiment with mark making, hoping to bring some pattern into the simplicity of the illustrations iv been looking at. iv got a mind map on my wall. i may take a picture of that and put it here so hopefully anyone looking at this will understand it abit better.

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